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Effective Ways to Utilize Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Posted by 9dotstrategies on September 18, 2013 at 11:35 PM

A decade or so ago, promoting your brand was a simple affair. Your business would provide a special offer, and you will use traditional media like the radio, internet and TV to make your advertisements through print ads, e-mails and fliers (as long as you have the budget for it). Depending on how successful your advertisement is, you might get more traffic in your corporate website or more customers visiting your store so that you can sell more of your inventory.

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And then the social media revolution began with Friendster, followed by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. The term SMM (Social Media Marketing) was built out of the advertising potential that these social networks have. Of course, these new ad evolving platforms are constantly changing how we perform our marketing practices.

Rather than simply paying for guaranteed coverage from conventional media, you now have to think about how the message of your firm is being received by anyone who is involved in social media. Imagine the thousands of opinions that your corporate page would get in a day. This might force your firm to collect additional resources (workers to keep an eye on the discussion, quick consumer answers, etc.), but you will be given a chance to concentrate on your marketing and advertising efforts, and the capacity to gauge your success more efficiently.

The thing you have to think about is, which practices can you fully utilize for your brand? For any corporation that is planning to employ the social networks as their main channel for advertising or marketing, there are a number of social media marketing methods they can make use of: “Owned” (the use of your own content for inbound marketing campaigns), “Earned” (the reactions you receive based on your promotional efforts, posted in blogs or social networks) and “Paid” (this includes the purchase of media slots and advertisements).



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